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Massage Me
Categories: Healthcare & Fitness, Entertainment
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Current Version: 1.2
Release Date: 19 Jan 2009
Memory Size: 0.5 MB
(Version 1.3 pending)
"Get a Massage from your iPhone!"

"A Customizable iPhone Massager."

"A Massager with a Brain."

Use your iPhone as a massager! The iPhone app "Massage Me" uses the iPhone's vibration motor to provide you with a relaxing massage. Simply tap in your pattern, press Start, and then relax to your own customized vibration. Enjoy your automatically repeating pattern as you slip into a state of blissful relaxation. Move your iPhone around different parts of your body.

Massage Me was developed by an engineer who dislocated his shoulder and required months of physical therapy to get full use back of his right arm. During that period, he developed this massage app for his own iPhone (using mostly his left arm) and made it part of his daily therapeutic routine to lessen his pain and speed his recovery.

Our app has been designed to be easy to use. Once you've entered your massage pattern, you can enjoy it over and over while varying its speed using a slider control. Your pattern is memorized for next time. If you prefer to control each individual pulse, there's a button for that too.

The app has built-in safety features so your iPhone is never overworked and so you can enjoy "Massage Me" for a long time to come.

  • Programmable massage pattern
  • Pattern speed control
  • Automatically repeating pattern
  • Pattern remembered between sessions
  • Instant stop button
  • Pulse vibrate button
  • Duty cycle and on time limits
  • Works on all iPhoneOS versions 2.x
  • No advertisements


  • Compatible with iPhone (1st Gen and 3G)
  • Not compatible with iPod Touch (no vibration)
  • Works on iPhone 2.x and 3.x

Screenshots from the Massage app:

Massage app main Massage app flipside
User Guide

Our iPhone Massage Me app is ready for instant use as an intelligent massager. Just press the Repeat button to begin enjoying a pulsing iPhone that you can slowly move around your body. The start button pulses the memorized pattern just once.

The first time you ask for a massage, the app will ask you if the phone's Silent/Ring switch is in the Ring position. (The app cannot determine the state of the switch by itself.) This is the two-way switch on your phone's left side, just above the volume controls. If you press Yes, the massage will take place; otherwise it will not as the massaging action could be confused with the alert for an incoming phone call.

Using the Pulse button, you can tap in your own pattern. The first tap signals the beginning of a pattern, and the succeeding taps define the time spacing of the pulses, in real time. For example, if you tap once then tap three times slowly followed by three times quickly, you would first get a set of three pulses far apart, followed by three pulses closer together. The time between the first two taps is the minimum delay between successive patterns while repeating. Try it a couple of times; it's not really as hard as it sounds.

We would have liked to have matched the pulse durations to your taps, but because of the current limitations imposed by Apple on third-party apps (such as Massage), we are able to use only the built-in vibration pattern. Should Apple at some time in the future relax this limitation, we will update the app.

You can speed up or slow down the time between your pattern's pulses by sliding the Speed slider control, to the left for slower, and to the right for faster.

You can "just pulse once," by pressing the Pulse button.

To prevent overuse of the iPhone's vibrator, the app has built-in safety controls. Press the Info (i) button to flip to a screen where you will see two sliders. The Maximum Duty Cycle slider inserts an extra time delay at the end of a pattern to ensure that the iPhone vibration is never on for more that the indicated percentage. The Maximum On Time limits the total session time to the indicated number of minutes.

On the bottom of the flip view, there are buttons you can use to restore the factory defaults and visit this app's webpage though the Safari browser.

FAQs & Support

How do I use the Massage Me app?

Tap in a pattern using the Pattern key, then press the Start or Repeat key. For more instructions, please see the User Guide.

Will this app work on an iPod Touch?

No, iPod Touches do not have vibration support.

Can I change the pulse characteristics?

No, Apple has imposed certain restrictions, so the pulse must remain as is. You do, however, have flexibility in how often and close together pulses are generated, hence the "pattern."

Why are some of my pattern pulses missing?

It could be that you tapped in your pattern too quickly, beyond what the iPhone can resolve. Slow down your taps and use the speed slider control to speed up your pattern on playback.

How many pulses can there be in a pattern?

There is a maximum of 25 pulses.

Can the app remember different patterns?

Not at this time. You will have to tap in manually a previous pattern. If demand warrants, we will add a pattern list feature in the future.

How can I make comments or suggestions?

Please email us.


26 Aug 2009, Version 1.3:

  1. "Start" button automatically cycles (no more "Repeat" button)
  2. new and improved look

19 Jan 2009, Version 1.2:

  1. bug fix for Repeat button
  2. number of pulses per pattern increased to 30 (from 25)
  3. patterns can run for up to 5 minutes (from 3)
  4. setting to suppress Silent/Ring switch reminder
  5. improved flipside settings screen

12 Jan 2009, Version 1.1, initial release.

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